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Our "Tail"

Wise Wags was founded by Carley, a wise veterinary technician with the aspiration of caring for pets not only in a hospital setting, but in their homes. There they are the happiest, the most comfortable, and the most loved by their owners. She wanted to build a company that sought to provide those same key ingredients for tail wags in the absence of their parents. Could this be done? The answer is built in the three basic principles of Wise Wags: 1) Reliability 2) Consistent Care 3) Love.


Wise Wags provides all the services that a pet owner could possibly need for the lifetime of their pet. Including pet sitting, dog walking, medication administration, subcutaneous fluid therapy for pets with dehydration, or kidney disease, grooming for those stinky paws, ears and rears, nonemergency pet transportation and a slew of other services that aim to prolong the life and happiness of your pet.

Here at Wise Wags we have a team of veterinary technicians and assistants whom are skilled in animal care. Our team seeks to apply this knowledge to caring for your fur babies while simultaneously educating you on how to do the same. So you can rest assured that the team member caring for your pet in your absence is knowledgeable, skilled , and compassionate. 

It's the Wise Wags promise.

Our Team

Our team of veterinary technicians and assistance are ready to serve you and your pets!

Our Team
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